The Five Key Elements of Proper Dental Website Design


There are five key elements that your dental website design must include. If you want to stand out from the competition while adding functional operational aspects to your dental website, following the guidelines in this article will ensure both.

While there are many dentists out there, there are none quite like you. Your procedures, customer service, attention to detail, experience, etc. make your practice unique, and reflecting those unique aspects in your dental website can be difficult.

That’s why we created these five core elements that we include in each of our designs. They can be applied to any dental website to make it more functional and increase conversions.

#1 Repetitive Calls to Action

#2 Smiling, Happy Faces

#3 Contact, Contact, Contact

#4 Check the Website, Don’t Call Me

#5 Consistency with EVERYTHING

What does EVERYTHING mean? The standards of consistent branding require the following aspects: colors, fonts, and graphic elements.

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